True North Auctions (TNA) welcomes all consignments, but we will discuss the marketability of the consignment. Suggest a starting price, grouping into a larger lot or splitting up your consign to smaller lots for better monetization. We accept only items (consignments) which we feel can best get the results for both of us. A consignment form will be filled out with the products for consignment listed and any starting prices(bid) noted as well. Otherwise, the starting prices(bid) will be determined by True North Auctions. A follow up email confirming your consign, date of auction your consign will be entered, category and starting price(bid) will be sent to you. A Sellers/consignor premium of not more than 15% will be deducted from your consignment pay in US Dollars at the time of payment from the winning bidder. This is stipulated on the consignment contract. Payment to consignor will be made no later than 45 days after the auction invoices have been issued to the winning bidders. Consignors will be informed if any delay and to the nature of the delay if payment not issued within the 45 days. Reasons include and herein mentioned, Consignors will only be paid out upon TNA receiving the payments from the winning bidder(s). The auction house, TNA is not responsible or liable in anyway for non paying winning bidders. We do our best to collect any money’s forthcoming from every auction. Any Consignor will be informed of any such default email n a winning lot. The Consignor will be given the option to relist that lot or TNA will at their option contact the underbidder, to at their bid price to buy the lot. Whichever option is taken by the consignor, the same auction rules and consignment policy will be in effect.

All consignments are subject to the same scrutiny for authenticity, game worn, autographs and/or any product we deem worthy of further evidence for its authentication. TNA promotes quality authentic consigns and want our Bidders to feel worry free in their choices for bidding.