Before placing your Bid

Remember there is a 15% BUYER’S PREMIUM – BIDS ARE ALL U.S. FUNDS

Just a Reminder:

If you need any further information on any items, explanations on pictures, background information on the items, list of autographs shown or any questions, feel free to call us before, during or after the auction. We can only do our best to make your bidding experience with us worry free.


Please register for our Auction before the auction date to insure you have no difficulties, we will always be available to help. If you have registered, all is ready, just LOGIN and make your bids.

Start Times for Bidding:

Once it has been announced that the Auction is LIVE, then please login and begin bidding. You will receive updates from TNA of the start date of the Auctions and a countdown to live bidding. Our office will be open for questions, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and on auction days available till auction end.

Closing Day of the Auction:

Bidding for this auction will end on posted end date. Bids will continue till closing time, then we will follow the 5 minute rule.

The 5 MINUTE rule works as such, all initial bids placed within 5 minutes of the established end time, the auction will be extended by 5 minutes, All bids placed after that closing time within the 5 minute period will allow a further 5 minutes for the auction to continue and the Bidders to bid on ANY items. Basically, all items will remain open to bid on! once we have a stretch of no bids for a 5 minute period the Auction will automatically close.  So please bid often and use our PROXY/ABSENTEE BID format or just call the office.

Please bid early and often on the lots you want, at auction end time no bids will be accepted on those items with no bids. If you haven’t placed a bid on the lot, prior to overtime beginning, you will NOT be able to, those who have bid on the lot, can continue their bids until overtime is concluded.


Please CLICK HERE to go read our format for Absentee/Proxy Bids. Feel free to call our office to place any bids, if you are unavailable to complete the Auction that night, need to sleep or have another engagement, please don’t miss out!

Bidding Increments:

Highest Bidder wins the Auction Lot! Every item has a reserve or starting bid, some are determined by the Auction house and some are aided by our Consignors. Our increments are set by the value of the items and will raise accordingly in 10% increments (U.S. Funds). Bidders will be prompted to confirm their bids based on the increment level they have chosen. All bids are final and subject to our Rules, terms and conditions.

When you are the Winning Bidder and Shipping:

Remember, there is a 15% BUYER’S PREMIUM for all winning bid items. Please CLICK HERE to read the rules on winning bids and shipping terms and conditions.

Making your payment:

Payments must be made within 14 Days of your invoice notification. Please CLICK HERE to see our terms and conditions for payment processing.


Please CLICK HERE to read our terms and conditions on AUTHENTICITY.

Terms and Conditions:

Please ensure you have read the rules, all terms and conditions, prior to placing a BID. Placing a bid, confirms your participation in this auction and your knowledge of all rules, terms and conditions therein.¬†Please read our FAQ’s or calls us direct.

Default of Payment for Winning Bidders:

TNA reserves the right of any actions for non payment of any winning bids, please govern yourself accordingly. Please CLICK HERE to read our rules, terms and conditions regarding default payments for Winning Bidders.